The Big Idea

So much of what we buy today is designed for throwaway culture with little thought given to what happens to it once it is no longer of use. Less thought is given to longevity, beauty and craftsmanship; factors which played a bigger part in times gone by. There are marginalised people all over the world who want to better their lot while preserving their culture, keeping their knowledge and history alive in the modern world.


At in a strange land, it is our passion to deliver exquisitely crafted, unique and high quality artisanal products from around the world to your home. Our transparent supply chain ensures your peace of mind and that each person involved from the creator to the customer is treated fairly and with respect. We do not buy or sell mass produced products, ensuring that each item is a work of art in its own right.
“We’re a new, small company with big ideas! We challenge convention and will prove that a successful business doesn’t need to conform to the corporate norm.”
Joseph Burns, Founder
  • Our vision is to raise the profile of artisans making traditional items in a way which increases awareness of their culture in as ethical a business as is possible.
  • We help preserve these cultures through trade, as well as creating a forum and blog for the discussion of important issues.
  • We source our products directly from tribal peoples, small scale co-operatives and individual artists in order to help preserve their culture and tell their stories to the world through their work.
  • Our aim is to make as little impact on their way of life as possible, other than helping them to make a decent living from their skills.
There is a place for the traditional in the modern world. We want to use people’s love of the exotic to make these items a part of their household.