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Water buffalo horn salad servers


Horn salad servers detail

Beautiful salad servers made from Water Buffalo horn.


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Product Description

Dish out your salad in style with these elegant and unique hand made salad servers.

Why Water Buffalo Horn?

In Vietnam and indeed the rest of South East Asia, the water buffalo is a valued and valuable member of many rural families.

For many people the water buffalo is their most valuable asset and they are treated reverentially for their role as partners in labour. The culture in Vietnam is of taking great care of their buffalo and as such there is little question of animal cruelty.

The horn used in our products is only ever taken as a by-product of a natural death or after an animal has been slaughtered for meat.  No animals are killed purely for their horns.

It is a beautiful material which has been polished and turned into jewellery and utensils in Vietnam for centuries. Our Buffalo horn products allow people to make a fair and decent living from their traditional skills.

Craft Link

Perhaps Vietnam’s most prolific ethical fair trade organisation. Employing members of 32 of Vietnam’s ethnic groups, Craft Link is a not for profit business seeking to assist small craft producers in Vietnam to develop their businesses in a changing world market place. Vietnam’s economy is improving yearly, but some people are being left behind and Craft Link help them find a voice through their traditional skills and craft. Profuts are fed back into the communities through training and help with design.

Care instructions

Not dishwasher safe – wash by hand for best results.