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Norlha hand warmers



Hand-woven 100% Yak ‘khullu’, 30% sheep wool hand warmers from Gansu, China One size

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Product Description

Knitted Fingerless gloves / hand warmers

Luxuriously soft and warm hand warmers made from the downy wool of the indomitable Yak. These exclusive knitted hand warmers will keep your hands beautifully warm.

Yak Khullu

The Yak is endemic to the nomadic way of life on the Tibetan plateau. Their milk is used to make cheese and butter and they are revered as partners in labour. What is little known are the amazing properties of their insulating layer of wool or Khullu, hand-picked from two year old animals. As soft as cashmere, warmer than merino and stronger than sheep wool it is a precious yet sustainable material and we want you to experience it for yourself this Spring!

Care instructions
Dry clean or hand-wash in cold water with a few drops of shampoo. Gentle steam iron.


Norlha have been making exceptional quality products from this awesome material since 2007. Based in the Amdo region of the Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, their aim is to help develop the local economy by providing opportunity for local nomadic people to diversify their income.

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