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Acacia stirrer


Acacia Stirrer
Acacia Stirrer 2Acacia Stirrer detail

Unique design stirrer made from sustainable Acacia wood.

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Product Description

Perfect design for all your stirring needs. Like a wooden spoon but better!

Why Acacia Wood?

Sourcing hardwood ethically in Vietnam can be a problem. Years of war have left the countryside scarred and much of the remaining native forest is being logged illegally. It is vitally important that these areas are protected so that wildlife can survive and the forest can regenerate. High intensity coffee and sugarcane plantations also contribute to the problem as poor farmers seek to find crops which can sustain their families.

Acacia wood offers an alternative and can be grown on small holdings to provide material for Vietnam’s hardwood export industry and also provides sustainable materials for traditional carving and woodworking.

Our Acacia products come from sustainable sources and allow people to make a fair and decent living from their traditional skills.

Mai Handicrafts

Started in 1990 in Saigon as a project to help street children, Mai have been helping people from disadvantaged backgrounds for years. Their products are made by communities all over Vietnam. Today, they mostly provide employment for women with the right skills but no way to market their product. A great example of an organisation which helps marginalised people make a decent living from their traditional skills.

Care instructions

Not dishwasher safe – wash by hand for best results.