Fairtrade Products And Why They Are So Important

Fairtrade products are life changing. It’s easy to dismiss the notion that the small amount of money you spend buying a Fairtrade chocolate bar over a mainstream chocolate bar can save a life, but it’s true. And, thankfully, people are starting to believe that it’s true. With fair trade products continuing to grow in diversity, more and more people are voting with their purses and wallets, especially in the UK. We’ve gone from fair trade sales of £16.7 million here in 1998, to estimated sales of over £1.7 billion as of 2013. That’s an incredible growth of over 1000 per cent in less than 20 years. But why is it so important?

What Happens When You Buy A Fair Trade Product

When you buy a fair trade product, there are a number of motives. For many people, it’s the thought that they are doing the right thing. They can’t change the world by themselves, but they can change who gets their money. When everyone starts to make this choice, then the real change happens. Buying Fairtrade products means fairer pay and working conditions for farmers and artisans. It ensures that things are being done with health and safety in mind, but it’s also about allowing the producer to have a voice. When many of these people work with multinational corporations, their voice is irrelevant. These companies are only concerned with profit. They don’t need to build relationships; they just take on whoever gives them the best deal. When you invest in products of fair trade, you are enabling a relationship to be built between buyers and producers. These vital partnerships provide an avenue for farmers and artisans to sustain themselves and improve their livelihood. They don’t need to keep worrying about continually dropping their prices and ending up in poverty. There is no need to keep dealing with profit-hungry middlemen. Now they can deal with people who have their interests in mind. It is still a business, but it’s a business they now have control over, and this allows them to grow it. By doing this, they can grow the communities around them to ensure sustainability, such as bringing electricity to villages for the first time or training those who had no opportunities.

Finding The Right Fair Trade Products Online

It’s for these reasons, and more, that it is so important to buy fair trade products online or offline. Many of us do care about where our products come from, but the problem is that we often can’t see where our products come from. When you choose to buy something in a high-street store or supermarket, you don’t stop to think about the processes that went into making it. If you could see how the products came about, you would often be shocked and appalled by some of the conditions these workers have to deal with. That’s why buying products of Fairtrade online can be a great alternative to the high-street stores, especially when buying a gift or gifts for loved ones. While costs may vary, you can be satisfied with knowing that you’ve not contributed to these horrific conditions faced by many in emerging and developing regions that are trying to gain a place in an unsteady global economy. We recognise this at In A Strange Land. We’re committed to telling you everything you need to know about the producers we work with to ensure you are getting quality products from highly skilled artisans, and that you know it. Our products are unique, even more so since they are handmade and handcrafted gifts. This means that when you shop with us, you aren’t just going to get things of practical use in your everyday life; you’re going to get works of art that you can admire too.

Finding Your Perfect Fairtrade Products …In A Strange Land

We have a range of wonderful Fairtrade products that come from all across the globe. We have made a lot of friends in Vietnam and Laos where we have sourced everything from beautifully hand painted teapots to some of the most fascinating silk scarves. There are no machine-made items; you’re going to get items made with all the care of highly skilled artisans who genuinely love what they do. So if you’re looking for fair trade products with a unique twist, look no further than In A Strange Land. Visit our website at http://in-a-strange-land.com/. You can even contact us via our web form if you have any more questions about our products or contact us through our phone number: 01296 392699.

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