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How to import goods from the Far East – our guide

We recently gave a little presentation on importing goods from the Far East into the UK at the Autumn Fair in Birmingham. Drawing on years of experience both as a Project Manager in a larger business and sourcing products for our very own collection, Joe’s presentation covers many of the basics, from finding suppliers to shipping […]

Insects and Ecosystems – An interview with Ross Piper

You may have seen our friend Ross Piper on World’s Weirdest Events recently, on BBC2. He is an expert on insects, but has a passion for the whole natural world. In our interview he discusses the human impact on the planet and on delicate ecosystems the world over:- What started your interest in Zoology and Entomology? […]

Top 16 ways you can go green

Here at …in a strange land we’re always looking for ways to improve the way we live. Every small step can make a difference to the world we live in and there are some simple things we can do without much effort. We found this great article from Sustainable Baby Steps. If you haven’t visited their site before […]

How to prepare tea – our guide to the perfect pot

Whether you prefer a cup of builders or an exquisite Da Hong Pao, how you prepare it is an oft disputed but nevertheless important aspect of appreciating a decent cup of tea. At …in a strange land we tend to drink Chinese tea and the following guide is recommended for our range of tea from […]

Why be an ethical consumer?

Pretty much everything we buy and consume in ‘developed’ countries today today is made in mass production to fuel the demand from the West. From meat to beauty products and even drinking water. If you take a look at your weekly shop, your clothing and your electrical products you can more or less guarantee that […]

Craft Link – Fair Trade and Craft in Hanoi

Craft Link is a Fair Trade organisation based in Hanoi, Vietnam. They are perhaps Vietnam’s most well know Fair Trade project and work with 32 ethnic minority groups throughout the country to produce beautiful handcrafted items using both traditional and contemporary techniques and design. Started in 1996, they have been helping the ethnic groups and […]

Coffee Sale. Have you tried Yunnan Coffee yet?

20% off all coffee It’s not only tea that Yunnan is famous for these days! Produced by farmers in the pristine mountains of southern Yunnan at between 800 and 1200 meters above sea level, Shangri La Farms coffee is grown avoiding the use of chemicals and pesticides. Only the highest quality beans from the harvest […]

Healing the Wounded Heart – Hue’s Fair Trade Heroes

In Hue, Central Vietnam we visited an organisation which is helping local children have life changing heart surgery. They employ local differently able people to make beautiful handmade gifts using recycled materials with all profits being re-invested in its various projects. Healing the wounded Heart – Hue       We were in Hue to […]