The Tea-Horse Road

I’ve been in Yunnan for 10 days and so thought it might be time for an update. This is a beautiful area with a great and varied history. It was the area in which most foreign eyes first glimpsed the Chinese Empire. Trade with foreign countries has been taking place for centuries, not least of […]

The adventure starts here

Congratulations on visiting the …in a strange land blog, your one stop shop for articles relating to those wild, exciting far flung places we rarely get to visit. I will be posting information on our range of beautiful, hard to find items from all corners of the world. Everyone needs to start somewhere and for […]


This is the very first entry on my new blog. I can sense you’re all as excited as I am! This website is to let everybody know what I am up to as I go about setting up my new enterprise. Not as boring as it sounds I promise, not when you’re going to be […]