Healing the Wounded Heart – Hue’s Fair Trade Heroes

In Hue, Central Vietnam we visited an organisation which is helping local children have life changing heart surgery. They employ local differently able people to make beautiful handmade gifts using recycled materials with all profits being re-invested in its various projects. Healing the wounded Heart – Hue       We were in Hue to […]

How to travel – Why we love public transport

When you’re travelling independently, you’re faced with various options to get around. You can fly, take the bus or go on an organised tour. Using public transport in a foreign country can be problematic and daunting but for us, there’s no better way to see the country you’re in and here’s why; 1. You will […]

Lao Silk Weaving

A brief history The art of silk manufacture was invented in China as early as 3500BC. In legend, it was the Empress Leizu who was responsible for discovering silk and until 200BC the secret remained closely guarded within China. The material captured the imagination of everybody who came into contact with it, making it at […]

Mekong Quilts

Introducing Mekong Quilts In March last year, we visitied Mekong Quilts in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. HCMC, or Saigon is a hugely bustling, hot city in the South of Vietnam near the Mekong Delta. More Western in feel to the quieter, more stately capital of Hanoi in the North. Packed with history and the […]

…in a strange land in The Cafe in the Attic, Berkhamsted

We are very pleased to announce that you are now able to purchase …in a strange land products from the Café in the Attic in Berkhamsted. Beautifully situated on the 4th floor of Home and Colonial, the café offers freshly made cakes, sandwiches and hot meals alongside Fair Trade tea and coffee including our very […]

Meet the makers – Behind the scenes at Mekong Quilts

Our friends at Mekong Quilts work hard to support communities in rural areas of Vietnam, helping them gain a sustainable source of income. In these rural areas agriculture is not enough to survive and the poorest of people are living on as little as half a dollar a day. Mekong Plus, a not-for-profit organisation, helps […]